Prospective Patient Frequently Asked Questions

American Cosmetic Surgery Network (ACSN) is the only dedicated nationwide cosmetic surgery network in the U.S. providing services to members at a significant savings. The network consists of board certified physicians selected through an extensive credentialing process.

ACSN members receive significant savings from highly qualified, board certified physicians.

Prospective physicians applying for participation go through an extensive credentialing process to ensure that ACSN members are referred only to qualified, board certified physicians.

ACSN accesses the National Practitioners Data Bank (NPDB) in order to receive the most comprehensive information available for prospective ACSN physicians.

Cosmetic surgeons are only included in ACSN after they have passed all credentialing and quality assurance requirements. If a doctor makes application, goes through our credentialing process and we find concerns that would not meet our credentialing standards, the doctor will not be allowed to participate. ACSN provider credentialing details are confidential and are not available for review.

No one can guarantee the outcome of any surgery. Many factors affect the outcome of surgery including patient compliance and individual healing differences. However, we can guarantee that the chances of a successful outcome are many times greater when you are educated, use a qualified physician, and take a proactive role in the healing process.

Simply click on the following link or call one of our highly trained customer service represenatives to schedule an appointment with an ACSN physician:

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Customer Service: (Toll Free) 866-202-0083

No - there are no yearly or ongoing fees for the doctor to participate with ACSN. ACSN only accepts a doctor if they meet the ACSN credentialing requirements.

Currently we credential plastic and reconstructive physicians and facial plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons are trained and board certified in both facial and body procedures. Facial plastic surgeons have taken their additional board certification in surgery of the face and neck.

ACSN has signed confidentiality agreements with participating physicians. ACSN physicians have agreed to substantial discounts in order to participate in the network and prefer to have this information withheld from their competitors.

It is impossible to guarantee the outcome of any surgical procedure. Outcomes vary from person to person, and are affected by many factors, such as post surgery patient participation, individual rates of healing, etc. We have a disclaimer so that you understand that ACSN is only facilitating contact with physicians who have met certain criteria, but that the decision to pursue that relationship is solely up to you, and that ACSN is not responsible for the outcome or services provided by the doctor.

ACSN and the participating physicians are independent entities and have no relationship other than contracting with each other solely for the purposes of delivering the described services to ACSN members at a discounted rate.